#septemberwhole30: a perfect paleo plate

Hello lovelies 🍒

I hope everyone’s Whole30 is going well so far!


It has been 5 days since we all started, and I must admit the emotional rollercoaster is the real deal. I thought everyone was being dramatic, but I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs this week.

It will come as no surprise that I found out, through trial and error, that preparation is a huge help to keep you on track. There is, however, a fine line between feeling prepared and feeling horrified at the idea of eating a burger with mashed cauliflower 7 days a week. You have to learn to switch it up!

Roasting a high quality, organic and free range chicken at the beginning of the week is the biggest favour you can do yourself on the Sunday before your Whole30 starts. Yes, I spent twice as much on that gorgeous chicken, but keep in mind how long it will feed you. Roasting a 1.7kg chicken fed me and my bf for two substantial dinners and one lunch. Not to mention the use of the carcass to make stock or bone broth, which will flavour your meals more than you think. I didn’t believe in stocks either. I am a stock believer now. You can be too.

That’s a lot of meals I didn’t have to think about. Yay! First evening, we each had a breast. Second evening, I made a hash with a leg and all the other bits from underneath the carcass. The day after, I had one leg and a wing remaining, for this perfect paleo plate.

I’ve called it the perfect paleo plate (PPP! So satisfying.) because it has all the essentials, and couldn’t be more paleo. It uses the template of the Whole30 meal suggestion, so I figured I should share this colourful plate.

The ‘pesto’ adds a much needed freshness to this rather autumnal dish. It truly lifts the entire dish and compliments the vegetables to perfection.

Obviously, feel free to substitute anything. The meat can be subbed for fish, or the sprouts for cabbage. Whatever. Your plate, your rules. Just remember, a palm-sized portion of protein, a thumb sized portion of fat and fill the rest of your plate with vegetables. Ta-dah!

This dish is as much an introduction dish as it is a boredom killer. Trust me on this one (wink wink).


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