september whole30: week 1, what I ate + how I feel

Happy Monday lovelies 🐭

One week down, 3 to go. We can do this. Even if our digestion is completely out of whack and we can’t stand the sight of ghee anymore. We’re fine.

I thought I would give you an insight into what I have been eating this week, at home and on the road. It’s not been easy every day, but I’m proud of pulling through!


day 1:


Monday morning, post late-night pizza feels (has anyone else tried Domino’s newest pizza with fresh rocket and Prosciutto? It was so worth it.) I am craving something healthy!
For breakfast: two eggs fried in coconut oil, a quarter avocado with hot sauce (Red Hot) and some mushrooms, sautĂ©ed in coconut oil + bone broth. I normally have toast. I didn’t miss the toast.
For lunch: a crispy chicken breast on a bed of leaves with a tahini, basil, garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar dressing.
For dinner: homemade beef burger patties (spiced with cumin + paprika) + roasted potatoes + crispy black kale.
I did snack on a handful or two of nuts, I must admit I hadnt quite grasped the concept of not snacking unless you absolutely need it. I promise I’ll get better.

day 2:


The hangover is real. My workout was very lame this morning.
For breakfast: scraps from the fridge because there is nothing left! I’m waiting on a Tesco’s delivery. Scrambled eggs, asparagus and half a tin of tuna in spring water with hot sauce (Red Hot again!). Weird but satisfying.
For lunch: a salad with a burger from yesterday, lettuce, tahini dressing and sautéed mushrooms.
For dinner: I roasted an enormous chicken with plenty of paprika and garlic. I ate a breast with some roasted potatoes and green beans. The chicken made lots of juice, which I used as my source of fat.
I did snack, once again, mid morning, on some dehydrated broccoli crisps, due to a lack of fat in my breakfast. I rectify this on day 3!

day 3:


Still no cravings today. Yay!
For breakfast: I’ve decided smoked mackerel in the morning makes me gag, so I skipped it and just had eggs, spinach and avocado.
For lunch: I was ravenous, and hade an enormous meal which lasted me until dinner. A burger, again, with brussel sprouts, boiled potatoes and a kale salad.
For dinner: leftover roast chicken hashed in a pan with mushrooms + bone broth, a few potato bits and another kale salad. I also discovered ghee makes me gag, the smell is repulsive! I’ll just stick with coconut oil.
My post workout today was a tablespoon of almond butter. I also had a chai tea after dinner.

day 4:


Mood today: eat all the things. I want toast so bad, and grains. I just feel bleh and want convenience foods. I’m struggling to stay diverse and not overdose on fructose! I miss miso. A lot.
For breakfast: leftover of the leftover chicken scramble! With two eggs.
For lunch: I made my Perfect Paleo Plate, which you can find here. It’s a lifesaver when you just. No.
For dinner: We made salmon fishcakes and they turned out meh. I’m working on the recipe. I think the mashed potatoes were too hot, and the coconut flour not enough to absorb the moisture. My almond butter satay sauce grossed me out, so it’s not been a great day.
My post workout was more of a meal today. I had half an avocado with a fillet of mackerel and seasoning. It filled me up a lot better than a smaller snack of nuts.

day 5:


I’m so dreading eating eggs again. I’m so sick of eggs.
But I still had two fried eggs and mushrooms for breakfast. I feel ill today, like I’m going through a major detoxification. On the other hand, I feel very lean and not bloated at all. I guess it’s working!
For lunch: remnants of those burgers from Monday, which are delicious, actually. I had it with a kale salad, boiled potatoes and half a small avocado.
I’m preparing to go to a family thing this week-end, and I’m stressing out about having to avoid food! I try to prepare and pack what I can, as well as coming up with emergency options if we are out.
For dinner, we stopped at a service station. I grabbed coconut pieces, chicken slices, marinated olives, a boiled egg + spinach protein pot, and a black coffee. It was filling and convenient.


day 6:

Away from home, I am praying my hosts have eggs. Breakfast will be toughest, because no one finds eating salad for breakfast normal.
For breakfast: three poached eggs! With tabasco. Victory.
For lunch: we stop on the way to a party and I request a gammon + egg with boiled potatoes and peas. It looks butterless, I peel the potato skins just in case they’ve been tossed in some.
For dinner: we stop at a small retail area, half of our group rush to the chinese takeaway whilst the rest of us buy salad and chicken from co-op. I ended up having a chicken, avocado and anchovy salad with olive oil. Another victory.
I think I had some coconut pieces after breakfast to make sure I was eating enough fat.

day 7:

This morning, we’re having a home-cooked fry-up. Which is honestly the easiest meal to adapt, ever.
For breakfast: I asked for some bacon, fried eggs, half an avocado and some mushrooms.
We leave after breakfast and I don’t really have lunch, just some anchovies, olives, nuts and avocado in the car.
By the time dinner came around, I had made a Chicken + Bacon club salad with compliant mayonnaise for a dressing. It was bomb. I couldn’t resist having a compliant dessert I have all the time, which is blended raspberries and avocado. I thought about it being a SWYPO, but being fructose intolerant means I don’t like ice cream. I’m not eating my raspberry sorbet wishing for chocolate and banana ice cream. So I figured it was ok and had enough after three or four bites.

So there you have it, a full week of whole30 meals. I’ll admit, I can work on my creative side a little more in the coming weeks. Week 1 is all about exploring your options and making sure you are taking in enough energy-dense food. Replacing your grains with fats can work better for some, and not so well for others. If you are very active, I suggest making sure you are eating enough starches. 🙂

Until next time,

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