#septemberwhole30 week 2: what I ate + how I feel

It’s Sunday, two weeks into my very first Whole30. I feel like I’ve been on this for months already. I’m getting the hang of it, whilst simultaneously feeling like I am not experimenting enough in the kitchen. I know I can do better!

In terms of health improvements, my digestion is 100% improved. Amazing. Not so amazing I may have to restrict my dairy or gluten intake in the future. We shall see. Oh and my sleep. My goodness I have not slept so deeply since childhood. I put my head on the pillow and I don’t wake up until the alarm wakes me. I am so lucky to have seen results two weeks in already. If you haven’t seen much improvement, please don’t give up. I know it’s not easy, but just keep going. It only gets better.

So anyway, week 2 has been a tasty week of meals!

day 8

Please ignore the nails. Week 2 feelz.

Breakfast is two slices of streaky bacon (I get mine from M&S. It isn’t nitrate-free, but I’m still looking. It’s sugar-free, which matters to me the most right now.), 2 eggs and an entire small avocado. I’m struggling with digesting all this meat, and I order some HCL for stomach acid. I haven’t tested it yet, but it is very likely that I have low-ish stomach acid. Hopefully my body will adapt, otherwise I will have to revert to eating more fibre-rich starches when I am done. I’m pondering transitioning back into a much lower meat diet (90% plant-based) if my body rejects the paleo movement. But I am absolutely convinced I need grains. Like oats and amaranth and buckwheat. I read an article about digestion on PaleoLeap and read that it is normal for digestion to slow down at the beginning of a paleo shift, because fats are replacing grains and grains contain bulking fibre. I might need to eat more vegetables.
For lunch, I finally got to taste my sauerkraut, which has been in the making for 10 days. It’s so delicious, I have it with romaine lettuce, boiled potatoes, garam masala chicken breast in coconut oil and a mayonnaise (from Waitrose, all natural. I fail at making my own.) and apple cider vinegar dressing.
For dinner, I make pork loin with a big kale salad, roasted potatoes and cooked cabbage. Again, very delicious. I’m getting a little comfortable with my cooking, I’ll have to keep my creativity in check.

day 9


Breakfast is a mushroom and bacon omelette with some leftover roasted potatoes. I snack on some coconut and a cold brew (Starbucks) later on.
For lunch I make a big kale salad with my homemade sauerkraut, half a small avocado, my favourite tahini dressing and 1.5 cans of tinned sardines in olive oil. I made a paleo tart, using raspberries and apricots and an unsweetened coconut flour crust. I taste it as I go, but not the finished product. It’s too sweet for me anyways.
The weather is glorious so we decide to eat out for dinner. We first go for a drink and I have a soda water with fresh lime. I order a rump steak and some potatoes from Strada, expecting to have a decent piece of meat. But no. It looks more like a minute steak than a rump. I’m still hungry when I leave, so I compliment my disappointing (although tasty) dinner with some coconut meat and half an avocado with hot sauce. I ate plenty today and feel super satisfied!



day 10

Breakfast was the same, a mushroom and bacon omelette with paprika and a quarter avocado with hot sauce.
For lunch, I had a salad with riced cauliflower (from caulirice, which make the best cauli rice. Honestly, it holds together so well.), kale, mayonnaise and sauerkraut with a fillet of smoked mackerel.
No snacks in the afternoon, but a big appetite for dinner. I roasted a chicken with garam masala, garlic cloves, cauliflower and had two helpings of boiled potatoes with a dollop of mayonnaise.

day 11


Breakfast is getting repetitive, I’m getting bored! I had two fried eggs with two slices of bacon and some sauerkraut.
No snacks in the morning today, victory! I had to keep distracting myself, and it’s starting to work.
Lunch is a salad plate of leftovers with romaine, pan fried chard, mackerel, more turmeric caulirice and avocado with a tahini dressing.
We had leftover chicken for dinner, and loads of it, with boiled potatoes!


day 12

Breakfast is the usual, 2 eggs with some bacon. Today was one heavy leg day, and I felt it in the afternoon like nobody’s business. I had some nuts prior to the gym, and for lunch made a tuna salad with tuna, mayonnaise, a hard boiled egg, a leftover slice of bacon and some greens, pan-fried (chard + asparagus).
I had an iced Americano in the afternoon and was dying for a packet of crisps but resisted. Especially some Pop Chips from Starbucks. I actually held a packet in my hand and walked to the till before putting it back. ‘It’s only potatoes’, I said. It might be, but it’s the Whole30 I’m on, not the Whole30 with potato chips.
I had no plans for dinner so we grabbed a couple of beef burgers from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference (not optimal but gluten-free) and had that with two garlic stuffed portobello mushrooms (homemade!) and some baked, chipped potatoes (yes, they were chips. Sorry I lied.). And mayonnaise. It filled me up! I needed a little extra later on and had a blended raspberry and avocado pudding-thing (essentially frozen raspberry and avocado blended with mint) + a chai tea. I know anything ice-creamy is discouraged on the Whole30, but as explained before, I don’t like/crave/need/want ice-cream because of my fructose intolerance; a ‘fake’ ice-cream made of frozen raspberries and avocado doesn’t make me crave the real deal because I don’t like the real deal.

day 13


Saturday yay! Today I spent the whole day out. I had scrambled eggs with chicken, avocado and some spinach for breakfast. Lunch was a chicken salad with mayonnaise, almonds and celery, with some spinach and avocado. I snacked on a couple of nuts and marinated artichokes, too. I had a coffee and a green tea throughout the day.
We made a slow cooked beef curry for dinner with cauliflower, potatoes, celery and coconut milk. I had a little pudding (same as last night) after dinner with a chai tea.

day 14

What I normally have + greatly missed   😦

Woohoo we’re almost halfway! This morning we ate out for breakfast (because I really wanted someone else to cook it). We went to Bill’s and I had scrambled eggs, bacon and a crispy potato thing (which I’m pretty sure was actually not compliant…) + a black coffee. I normally have the vegetarian breakfast, which is super delicious, with guacamole and hummus (see picture). I thought my order of crispy potato would be… Crispy potatoes, but it turned out to be a humongous, deep-fried hash brown. It may have contained gluten, I don’t know. Never mind.
Lunch was leftover curry from yesterday with some extra chicken. We had it late, so I had some marinated anchovies and artichokes throughout the morning.
I’m writing this before dinner so I really don’t know what we’ll have! Probably not much, maybe a salad. We tend to have random snacks when we’ve been out for breakfast 🙂


Thoughts: If it’s your first Whole30, like me, I suggest not being too hard on yourself. Yes, the Whole30 is known for its tough love, no excuses approach, but some things have been hard for me to source and I’ve just decided not to get too worried about it. I had a hash brown which wasn’t compliant: you live and you learn. I can’t find bacon which is nitrate-free: I buy the purest I can find. I will know for next time, because I am pretty sure this won’t be my last Whole30. But right now, this is what I’m comfortable doing, the rest will come. I am still not giving into my (bread/pizza/pasta/pancake) cravings, and remaining dairy and gluten-free, which are the most important factors for me. I’m not going to beat myself up for having a (compliant) snack almost every day. Overhauling your eating habits is hard.
I’ve eaten more than last week. This is due to being so active in the gym, and realising I may not have been eating enough carbs. I’ve also been eating more fat (more mayonnaise, specifically).  I don’t feel deprived, but I do feel like I’m snacking more than I need to, so I will scale back those snacks next week. I’ve almost finished my stash of nuts, so once they are gone, I won’t be buying any more. They are so easy to overeat. I’ll buy antipasti ingredients instead, like olives, anchovies, artichokes…
I’m planning on diversifying breakfast a little but I’m still researching some recipes.

And voila! Week 3 is upon us already! I hope I could provide some inspiration to somebody   ❤

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