#septemberwhole30 week 3: what I ate + how I feel

Wow, this week has gone by so fast. And successful in terms of non-scale victories. Like snacking. I like snacking, but I’m finally learning not to snack so much.
I’ve not been keeping track of my food so well (or taking photos of it!), but I’ll do my best to recall what I’ve been eating, making, tasting and maybe even smelling.

day 15


Breakfast is always the same. I’m really intending to change it up next week, which’ll be the final week of my Whole30. 2 fried eggs (in coconut oil), a slice or two of bacon, and some not-so-optional avocado. Yay.
Lunch is pretty interesting. I attempt to make pork sausages out of minced pork, sage and mustard but they turn out to be incredibly wet. So I decide to hash them with some cauliflower rice instead of making patties and serve it over a black kale salad, with some sauerkraut and avocado. My dressing of choice remains the same; tahini, apple cider vinegar and some seasoning.
I don’t snack today. That is a major non-scale victory for me, because I’m normally itching to eat something in between meals. I did have a mandatory black coffee at some point, like evry day.
Dinner is a simple roast chicken, with turmeric and cumin. It turns out amazing this week, really juicy and crispy-skinned, and I serve it with some potatoes, mashed with a little clarified butter.

day 16


Breakfast, same as always. Eggs, avocado and some greens.
For lunch, I revisited yesterday’s hash (pork + cauli-rice) with some kale and raw courgette noodles. I added some tahini and mustard dressing for good measure!
For dinner, we have leftover roast chicken – a leg each – and a vegetable I can’t recall. Maybe potatoes. Maybe not. But I’m sure it was very tasty.
Again, no snacks today. I’ve been relatively busy, but I’m so proud!


day 17


Pretty much the same as yesterday in terms of breakfast and lunch.
Then, for dinner, the absolute last of our roasted chicken, with mushrooms and homemade stock from the carcass. I made mashed potatoes, and it was so filling. A little overfilling. Whoops.


day 18

For breakfast, I had eggs and avocado, once again.
For lunch, I’m out today, so I bring my own. I drink plenty of green tea throughout the day and have a spinach, tinned salmon, mayonnaise and pumpkin seed salad with some mixed leaves. A bit like a protein salad from the Whole30 book, because it’s so easy and portable and tastes delicious.
For dinner, there’s some pork fillet in the fridge I really, really need to use up. So I cook it all up in the oven, simply seasoned (S+P), and just have a couple of slices with lots of rainbow chard and a little mustard + tahini dressing. And some mandatory avocado.


day 19


Friday yay! Breakfast is nothing exciting. I’m sure you can guess, eggs and avocado with hot sauce.
For lunch, I finished some scraps and used some cauliflower, fried on high heat in coconut oil. Once browned, I cracked two eggs over it and served with a salad, hot sauce, and homemade dukkah spice.
For dinner, pork again. Served pretty much the same, with plenty of lettuce and cauli-rice, burrito bowl style, with guacamole.
I also spent all day walking around town searching ingredients to make WifeMamaFoodie’s stone fruit and almond tart. And then I made it. It looks amazing!



day 20

Saturday morning breakfast are generally pretty boring because there isn’t much left in the fridge. So I have some eggs and avocado, once more.
For lunch, I need some real sustenance; my HIIT workout was exhausting, and I’m still sore from the previous 3 days! We have to walk through an amazing food festival to get to our lunch spot, which makes it all the harder to stick to my resolutions. Cheese, burgers, falafel wraps. You name it, it’s all there. I end up ordering steak + chips (I know I shouldn’t have but hey.. Very limited options.), shallots and mushrooms. The steak comes with a big chunk of butter, which I pat dry and scrape off as best as possible. That wasn’t the most successful lunch choice I’ve made.
I snacked on a couple of nuts later on. Snacking is generally a thing (which I should stop) at the weekends. Never mind.
For dinner, I have a chicken salad with leaves, mustard and sliced chicken. Simple but efficient.

day 21


Omg this week has ended. Can’t believe it. Breakfast was made a little special by buying some bacon, mushrooms (fried whole in coconut oil!) and (more) eggs. Actually, the egg boredom has disappeared. I’m happy with my eggs.
Lunch was kind of lazy, because I was out. So I bought an avocado, some chicken breast and mixed leaves that I ate together. No snacks again!
For dinner, I got home pretty late and made some smoked river cobbler fried in coconut oil with some mashed potato and lettuce. I also mixed some avocado into some leftover mayonnaise for a dressing.
I had some cashews later on, which I didn’t digest at all. I think I’ll stay away from them.

day 22

Monday again, and I decided to include today in the weekly roundup because my post is up late, and I finish the #septemberwhole30 on a Tuesday. For breakfast, I had the weirdest three-egg-omelette I have ever had. The texture was fluffy and a bit like a pancake. I didn’t try to make a pancake. It just melted in my mouth like one. But anyway, yes, three eggs, almond milk and homemade dukkah with some guacamole.
For lunch, I bought a quarter chicken from the M&S café and had it with a big green salad and hot sauce. I had a black coffee and a peppermint tea later on.
And for dinner, I made a resolution this week to try more recipes from the Whole30 book. So I’m making BBQ ribs in the oven, alongside a homemade slaw of sauerkraut, celery, coriander and mayonnaise!


Thoughts: This week has flown by, I have barely had time to even think about food! I have kept myself busy in order to make it easier not to snack (because being at home = being close to the fridge). I’ve also encountered the dreaded food boredom, which is ok. I knew this would happen; I’ve lost interest in meat (majorly.) and just want a bowl of oats. But on the flipside, I feel good. I don’t feel tied to food. I feel free. I had an urge to track numbers to see where I was at, which I very superficially did. Just adding them up one day in my head. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am eating very close to what my calorie needs actually are. My hunger cues are still working! I also found out that social eating can be difficult, because ‘grab’n’go’ isn’t possible. You can’t grab a sandwich, or even a salad. I’ve resorted to a lot of leaves + avocado + chicken. Because it equates to vegetables + fat + protein, which is an important balance.

Thoughts for those on week 3: Feeling the food boredom? Please go back to your books and recipe websites, because there is so much you can do. I haven’t even scratched the surface! Sauces and meat are my weakness, so what are yours? Not so good at making soup? Try your hand at it! Also, whatever you’re feeling, it’s fine. Whether it’s fear, or boredom, or “I’m so done”, or “I’m so ready”. Whatever it is, just embrace it and get ready for your reintroduction. I need a well-structured and planned reintroduction, because I want to seriously assess the impact of dairy and gluten on my body! If all is well for you, then be as relaxed as you can be 😀

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