10 signs you’ve become an uber foodie

Happy Thursday everyone! The summer is coming to an end, and for some reason, I have been feeling so creative this month in the kitchen! I have been making and testing plenty of new things ready for the autumn, and you can expect to see a lot more food on the BARE. blog. Lots of unsweetened, pumpkin spiced things, in particular. Nom.

So it came to my attention my foodi-ness has reached a new high. I’ve tried plantain. I like seaweed. I snack on homemade sauerkraut. I know how to make cashew cheese.

Foodies are a unique breed of people. Food is at the very heart of our lives, and nothing makes us happier than tasting new foods and testing new kitchen tricks. I thought I would round up 10, pretty good indicators that you’ve become an uber foodie.

you’ve come to like food shopping more than clothes shopping


You would rather shop for a bagful of fresh and vibrant vegetables than have to try on a new dress. It’s so much more satisfying, looking at all those beautiful leaves and roots.

you own one too many mason jars

Because you pickle, soak, ferment, make mason jar salads and want to store your rice in a non-plastic container. So yeah, you need all those mason jars, and could probably do with a few more. Because instagram worthy smoothies, right?


 you only own and buy instagram worthy plates and cutlery

If you see an intricate plate in Anthropologie, your mind wanders to your instagram profile and you evaluate if it would fit your current spread. If it does, you buy the plate, and start thinking of dishes you can make.


you have a spot by the window where you take pictures of your food

The first place you walk to with your plate at mealtime is that well lit spot by the window, where you can get the best light for your shot. Who cares about eating cold food. Make more salads, problem solved.

your label reading skills have become so good that it is rare you come across a component you don’t recognise

You now know what carrageenan and ascorbic acid are, what they are derived from, where they are most commonly found and whether you should avoid them or not (probably not and no, in case you are still wondering.)


you will walk around the supermarket ooh-ing and aah-ing at the new snack lines

Especially the gluten-free, carob-containing ones in cute packaging. Also happen to be the ones that cost £5 a packet. What a shame.

you forget to explain to non-foodies what buddha bowls and spiralised vegetables are

Because you eat them everyday and see them on instagram everyday, you forget others may not know what these strange foods are.


you’ve found the best bakeries, cheesemongers and coffee roasters in your town, and they know your name

Your shopping trip takes twice as long as a trip to the supermarket, but you sure have the best organic rye bread, local cheese and coffee beans in town. So it’s worth it.



the ‘crunchy or smooth peanut butter’ debate sounds so yesterday, when you are faced with the light or dark miso problem

Still, who eats smooth peanut butter anyway? We’re grown-ups. Oh, and dark miso in 90% of cases. Unless it’s miso soup, which I never make. And that’s because miso is better in so many other dishes (red lentil dahl or mac + cheese, preferably.)


you know the full history of a food that you’ve been looking for before you’ve even tasted it


You heard it on instagram first, so when you finally stumble upon the odd plantain in Marks + Spencer, you can recite its origins, taste and uses before you’ve even cooked it. Sometimes, it ends in an absolute success and sometimes, a disastrous failure when you finally get to tasting it (ghee, in my case).

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