old order blood vampire chia jam

Happy Halloween! Oh wait, is it still too early for you? Well, not for me!

See, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with Halloween, but it’s bordering obsession. As soon as October hits, I start thinking about decorating/buying pumpkins/complaining about there not being enough Halloween parties advertised already/scrolling through Pinterest Halloween boards.



You get the picture.

And this is why I’m brining you #healthoween! I came up with the idea because, you know, Halloween is really candy-corn-and-sweets-galore. And as a fructose intolerant kid, trick or treating was never that interesting to me. A plastic pumpkin full of mini Mars bars and gummy bears? Ehm, gimme some crisps.


That’s not to say all I want is crisps over Halloween. Quite the contrary, it’s all about that healthy stuff nowadays. But it’s hard to find, unless you make your own version of the less-healthy-stuff!

Chia jam is old news, really. But unsweetened, spooky Halloween chia jam? Now we’re talking.

I would imagine Old Order Blood Vampires probably have runnier blood than my homemade version, but that’s only because I like my jam on the thicker side (or maybe my vampire wasn’t so fresh.)


This chia jam is a great breakfast topper (wait and see!), yoghurt, smoothie or toast topper. Or even on its own, because it’s fruit and chia seeds and there’s nothing wrong with eating either of those on their own (promise!). It’s kinda gooey, kinda seedy, and really quite sour. Feel free to stir in some honey to sweeten the deal!

And at a Halloween party, this is great as a dip for apple slices, or mini PB+J sandwiches cut into spooky shapes.

I hope you enjoy this super simple bloody recipe! 😀




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