witchful yoga accessories

It’s day 2 of #healthoween! Are you excited yet?

In case you missed my previous post, you can find my old order blood vampire chia jam recipe here. Because, hey, first we food, then we meditate. Amirite?


I thought it would be fun to live up to the stereotype of yoga + meditation. Incense, sacred tools, chakra alignment, candles, strange contortions… You know the drill. Outsiders think we are either completely off the hook, or mystical creatures that can contact ‘the other side’. Ultimately, the goal of ‘yoga’ is enlightenment – now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met very many enlightened people! All yogis are striving to be the best version of themselves. And that means making time for play, too.

Just for fun, this October, let’s indulge in the weirdness! Sometimes, it’s the weirdness that keeps you sane! There is nothing wrong with sprucing up your yoga or meditation practice by buying a few extras; especially if those extras make it more likely that you will show up on your mat every day/week. It’s all in line with the BARE. lifestyle, guys. It’s called balance!

And if you’re as obsessed with Halloween and yoga as I am, then you know how hard it is to resist all the candles and leggings and various other fun props! 😀

Here’s my list of necessities to practice in witchful style this Halloween 🎃

an eye-opening sleeping mask

Third eye embroidered silk sleep mask, $78

This super cute embroidered sleeping mask is one of those rare finds, and you can find it here. Wouldn’t this be so perfect during savasana, at the end of a moon sequence? Yes. I approve 100%. (Also, if it’s a calming moon salutation you are after in the midst of all the Halloween celebrations, here is a guide.)

zen half-moon meditation cushion

blue banyan moon meditatin cushion, £45

Meditation can get really uncomfortable at times. You can get a stool, but really, who carries around a stool… This half-moon cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls; super comfortable to sit on and promotes better posture!


fluffy cat socks

TOPSHOP, £3.50

Definitely for meditation only (please don’t go to yoga with your socks on!). If you get cold feet (literally), these socks are for you. Any socks will work, but a cute pair of Halloween socks are even better!

a soothing face mist

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, £11.50

A soothing face mist can do wonders for the health of your skin + is an excellent way of helping you to relax and release tension around the face. If you’ve been to a yoga class, and have had a guided meditation by the time savasana rolls around, you will know what I mean! It’s surprising how much tension can be held around the eyes, jaw, forehead and lips. Spray some of this elixir before closing your eyes. Not only will you arise from your meditation ultra relaxed, but your complexion will be glowing!


new moon yoga leggings

Teeki New Moon Leggings, £49.95

No yoga sequence is complete without the trendiest of yoga leggings. These Teeki leggings will complete your Halloween wardrobe this year – costumed in and out of the yoga studio! But on a more serious note, a sturdy pair of yoga leggings can save your practice. No slipping, creasing, ripping or any other incidents when you invest in a pair designed for the demanding postures of a strong yoga practice! And that’s not to say moon printed leggings can only be worn at Halloween, obviously! 😀


a funky candle

Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple 2016 Small Pillar-med.jpg
Yankee Candle in Forbidden Apple, £10.44

Yeeeeah, Halloween is all about those candles, too. And so is meditation! You want to pay attention to (a) the scent of the candle and (b) the safety of the candle when you are burning it for meditation. Stay away from strong, distracting scents (pumpkin spice in my case) and unsafe candles that risk burning down the house. I came across this super cool Yankee Candle in Forbidden Apple. It’s bright green, but more delicate than some of their stronger scents (bergamor, oak and vanilla)! And it is-drip proof. Sorted.

a smudge stick

Palo Santo, from Amazon

If you fancy cleansing your surroundings and sending out negative energy from the room, allowing light and positivity to thrive, a smudge stick may be for you! I don’t use mine very often, but my Palo Santo stick is always sitting in my living room in case I need to clear my head. It’s especially good before a strong meditation or yin yoga practice! I light it and swirl the smoke in clockwise circle. Now there’s something to make you look like a witch!


a super cute + warm top

You’re boooootiful sweatshirt from Not On the High Street, £34

I don’t know about you, but personally, a shrug/sweatshirt/warm top is a must during the autumn and winter. Our yoga room at uni is always pretty chilly, which doesn’t do my flexibility any favours! Along with those socks from above, you’ll be sure to keep warm until you have built up enough heat. Or if you’re meditating, wearing warm clothes insures you are not distracted by your body temperature.

some funky mala beads

Evil Eye Tassel Mala Beads, Blooming Lotus $118

Trying to open your third eye? Mala beads could help! And especially these! You’ll be shielded from negativity and the bright colours will keep the good vibes comin’. I love mala beads for their aesthetic appeal and their purpose. If you want to know more about these beads, check out the Blooming Lotus website.

a cool yoga mat

YAS, $29.95

Yes, this mat is uber cool. Who wouldn’t want a skull printed yoga mat. I would carry this around everywhere if it were mine! It isn’t expensive, but I’ll admit, two yoga mats is enough for me!

I hope you enjoyed reading about all my spooky finds! How are you switching up your yoga + meditation routine this season? Halloween is certainly the highlight of this time of year, but autumn itself is a period of change and transition, reminding us to take a look within. You may be waiting until Christmas to make your resolutions, but if you think about it, there is no better time than right now! ⭐️

“Autumn teaches us to let go of the things that no longer serve us and nourish the things that do.” – Mandie Lou

Have a frightful weekend, witches!

Honeslty, I’m always on the lookout for cute yoga wear. Comment below if you have any to share!

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