the gut-friendly valentine’s guide you’ve been looking for

It’s almost Valentine’s. Can you believe it?
Truth be told, I’ve never really understood it! I think I got a card, once. Nowadays, being in a strong and well-grounded relationship means that Valentine’s hasn’t got much significance for us. We have other meaningful times and milestones we celebrate! But I admire those who make a real effort on the day. Buy something nice, take their S.O. for a decadent dinner or better still, COOK FOR THEM!

Food gifts are definitely my favourite kinds of gifts; to cook for me or to gift me something edible speaks in my sorta love language. I’m so easy to please.
But taking me out can be.. complicated.

There you are, sitting in an outrageously expensive restaurant and staring blankly at the 3 mains on the menu. And there is nothing you can eat. Because you’ve been avoiding gluten and dairy and nuts and soy and sugar and and and— Sound familiar?

So. We all know how to prevent this scenario from happening.
a) phone the restaurant in advance and have a lengthy and frustrating conversation about your dietary restrictions (“no, I’m not allergic, it’s just that I’m avoiding it for the moment because…”)
b) cook at home.

Option b) generally wins for me!

I’ve spent some time (not that I mind!) looking for the best gluten + dairy free, real food recipes to cook for yourself or someone special (or print this out and hand it to them. Wink wink.) And I guarantee you’ll have a much better night than trying to eat around the croutons in your overpriced salad.

We’re all about those quality proteins, flavourful marinades and nutritious vegetables here. Take your pick and go make some food!


BLT Endive bites from Paleo Leap

prosciutto wrapped aspargus from Damn Delicious

crispy artichoke hearts + horseradish aioli from Feasting at Home

chimichurri shrimp from Health starts in the Kitchen



salmon stuffed with fennel + apples from Simple Bites

garlic + herb butter top sirloin steak from Paleo Leap

mushroom + buckwheat risotto from What Makes Great

portuguese chicken + potatoes from Feasting at Home



paleo chocolate covered strawberry brownies from Bakerita

paleo apple crisp from My Natural Family

paleo chocolate mousse from Gluten free on a Shoestring


You could just make this humongous, delicious platter.


Ultimate AIP – Paleo platter, featuring zucchini cheese, lemon garlic hummus and lots more, from A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Lots of love, friends! And happy Valentine’s! đź’›

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