april favourites | food, matcha & more

Spring is upon us at last! With many life changes finally behind me (moving, starting my career and getting into a new groove), I thought I’d round up everything I’ve loved over the past month.

The choices you make on the daily are so incredibly transformative. Surrounding yourself with a peaceful, supportive and beautiful environment, treating yourself with compassion and enjoying every aspect of your day is the single biggest favour you can do yourself. I wake up in the morning looking forward to a fresh start, excited to start all over again!

what I’m drinking

Well, matcha, of course. I can’t believe I only discovered matcha 6 months ago. I like it with oat milk, or whisked with hot water for a super grassy drink. I had a really nice Ippodo matcha at Japan House on Kensington High St. A quality matcha isn’t bitter – it’s sweet and doesn’t linger unpleasantly. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past (like I had!), I suggest you try again!



I’m enjoying my KeepCup more and more. I’ve owned lots of reusable cups and always found a major flaw – hydroflasks keep my drinks too hot, plastic cups start smelling after a while and most lids are hard to clean by hand. I love KeepCup’s super simple clip-on system and glass tumbler. Because let’s face it – nothing tastes that nice in stainless steel or plastic. I own the smallest size, which is ideal for a flat white or shorter espresso-based coffees.

what I’m eating

Blueberry oats with almond butter & lots of seeds are on repeat this month. I have breakfast at the office to save time in the morning, and this breakfast is like a warm hug to start the day. I’ve been loving Sainsbury’s Spanish blueberries (not from South America!) and Pip & Nut’s smooth almond butter.


I experimented with making my own crackers, and with huge success. They were gone in 3 days. I used these life-changing seeded crackers from my new Roots as a base for my recipe, adding almond butters and tamari for a salty kick. I threw some pine nuts in the mix, too, for an ultra buttery crunch.


I fell in love with fennel. Especially shaved and dressed with a simple vinaigrette, eaten raw as a side to almost anything. It’s quite an unusual vegetable, and totally underrated. I like it roasted until soft and tender, too.

I’ve been using the FoodSpace plug-in this month to save recipes instantly. The Chrome extension makes it super easy to keep track of what you’ve found on a quick lunch break scroll!

what I’m wearing

Slightly warmer days call for slightly fewer clothes. I’m in love with my new COS jacket, which pairs well with jeans or a dress!


I’ve also started wearing Origins A Perfect World after finishing my jar of Kiehl’s moisturiser. I wouldn’t recommend it for oilier skin; it’s thick and creamy and takes a little white to sink in. I’m loving the glow it gives my dry skin under some spot concealing. And the SPF 40 gives me good protection!


what I’m reading

Bullshit jobs – a theory is an essay on the uselessness of most ‘modern word’ jobs. It’s kind of a kick in the gut; do I really spend all day doing nothing of value at all? It’s a refreshing point of view on how the world works; and a wake-up call to all of us. It’s lead me to ask myself how I can be of better service to those around me, and try to spend my time as efficiently as possible.


what I’m listening to

Christine and the Queens is on repeat this month. Especially Paradis Perdus. Goosebumps.


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